Traditional Italian Easter Pie

Just a few extra notes when making this recipe.....really, a store bought crust is just as good as making your own. And we like to keep things simple when we can. And we do like to keep things natural too, so we favor Immaculate Baking Company ready made crust.

Also, it is really important to take the time to drain the basket cheese and the ricotta cheese. Otherwise the pie filling could be too soggy. And no one wants a soggy pie!

We recommend shredding the mozzarella yourself instead of buying pre shredded, but again sometimes those time savers can help. Tip for easy the cheese in the freezer for about 10 min. It will harden a bit making it easier to shred on a hand shredder.

And it's no exaggeration the filling will be really high! If you feel just too much to seal the top crust on, save the filling and make another one! You can even make in smaller versions with a smaller pan. Doesn't have to be a 'pie' plate. Also, you could even double the recipe and make an extra pie. They freeze really well. Freeze it after it cooks so all you have to do is just reheat it! You don't have to just eat it for Easter!!