St. Patty's Day

I am afraid we only offer two products in celebration of this holiday. I guess this Italian girl needs to learn more about Irish foods and flavors to work with!

Ironically, you will not find these treats in Ireland and they do not contain any potatoes! It is noted that Irish potato candy is a traditional Pennsylvania confection, first made by Irish immigrants. They do however 'look' like small potatoes.

We hand make these yummy treats every year. These are the real deal, not like those shelf stable ones you find in the supermarkets. We make ours with real cream cheese. They are sweet, creamy confections full of sugar, vanilla & coconut flakes and then rolled in lots of cinnamon. We make them fresh every few days to ensure they last for at least a week when stored in the frig.

These are definitely a regional things and not well know in many parts of the country. So don't miss out this unique, local treat!

Those who are familiar with our handmade cheese spreads know how much we love (and our customers love) when we add alcohol to our cheese spreads. After years of working with beers and wines, 2018 will be the year to explore whiskeys!

So what better time to roll out our first one, then on St. Patty's day. And of course we had to make this spread with Jameson's Irish Whiskey. We mixed a bit of cream cheese into our sharp cheddar, added some mustard and worchestire sauce to add a savory twist, then blended in the  whiskey. Oh it's good!

Right now we are planning to make this a seasonal spread flavor, but if the early interest is any indication, it may become a staple!! So be on the look out for more whiskey inspired cheese spreads this year.